Posted by: bwoof | February 8, 2010

Easter eggs and iPhones

Last summer when I was at NECC in Washington (a most excellent place for learning of all kinds), I attended a session with techno-geek Leslie Fisher about iPhones. It was she who told us attendees about all sorts of cool things that at the time I could only long for. It wasn’t until a couple months later that I actually got an iPhone. And I love it.

Leslie extolled the fun of hunting for ‘easter eggs’, those little hidden goodies that make the iPhone fun, friendly, and fantastically easy to use.

Today I found, with the help of Sean our amazing tech guy, an easter egg. Problem is, I can’t recall all the steps, but the end result is that my First Class app now lets me see my calendar along with all the conferences and other things I’m used to seeing on a regular computer.

Basically, you click on a wee spot on the left hand corner, tap 3x, and then something spins and then, presto, the calendar works. There’s no logical prompt of any sort, but if you know the easter egg, it works.  Imagine that!

Learning is fun!

Grateful for:

  • the shoes from a teen friend that found their way to a boy who needed them for gym class
  • more Jello! and a mostly complete recovery from yicky flu

Curious about:

  • 24-port switches and why can’t I get one immediately for my school?

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