Posted by: bwoof | February 3, 2010

Toronto Maple Leafs and Phaneuf

I know I know I know….I should KNOW what all of you know, but no, I did not know what you know, but now I know that I don’t know and I also know how to get info so that I will no longer not know that I don’t know.

When translated, all of the above simply means that I did not know about Dion Phaneuf and the significance of his recent trade to The Maple Leafs.  I was vaguely aware of him, mostly because of last year’s Sean Avery nasty comments about Phaneuf’s girlfriend. Ah yes, that was messy indeed. But now I’ve learned he has potential to possibly jumpstart the hapless Leafs into a success cycle rather than the spin downward that seemed so irreversible.

Apparently he’s landed in town and has already made a big impact.

And speaking of sports, I will also purpose to learn more about this weekend’s big event, the Superbowl. Actually, it’s helpful to know these things, especially in a high school where it’s never a bad thing to have something to chat about with kids in the hall.

Grateful for:

  • the ladies group study that grandma enjoys
  • my excellent live-in painter/craftsperson who does superb work
  • a good first day of Semester 2

Curious about:

  • fitness programs in our area

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