Posted by: bwoof | February 2, 2010


Living Rock is a ministry to youth in the city of Hamilton, youth who for various reasons may live on the street, or suffer from addictions, or need a place to hang out and connect with friends and mentors. Located downtown in what some folks call a needy area of town, the ‘rock’ is a haven for many.

SoupFest is the rock’s charity fundraiser at which local restaurants volunter their time, food, and staff to help create an event that for us is an annual tradition. Each restaurant creates a delicious soup (in large quantities!!!) and then for the cost of a ticket dishes out their wonderful fare.

Here are the restaurants we saw tonight, and some of them are new ‘learnings’ all begging for us to come and experience first hand what they are all about.  (italicized if I’ve been to the restaurant before tonight)

Acclamation’s Bar & Grill (been ‘to’ it as in I’ve seen this place)
Acclamation’s Bar & Grill Augusta House
Charlie West Restaurant Lounge
Collins Brewhouse  (winner most creative soup…alligator!)
Dalina’s Restaurant
Game Day Sports Bar & Grill
Goodness Me natural food market
Grab ‘n’ Go Green Deli
Hamilton Convention Centre (winner Best Display)
Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill – Ancaster  (winner Best Soup!)
Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill – Eastgate Mall
Lezley’s Bar & Grill
Liuna Station
London Tap House, The
My Silver Lining
My Thai Restaurant
Nina’s Bistro & Wine Bar
Saffron Restaurant – Crowne Plaza Hotel
Pheasant Plucker, The
Thirsty Cactus Cantina & Grill
Tuckers Marketplace Restaurant
Twisted Lemon Restaurant
Ventura’s Signature Restaurant
Vicar’s Vice Restaurant & Pub
West Plains Bistro
Whistling Walrus Pub, The
Ya Man! Caribbean Cuisine

Grateful for:

  • people who care about teens
  • friends and family who joined me tonight
  • all the SoupFest volunteers

Curious about:

  • Assesment and Evaluation practices and did the staff talk today make any diference?
  • will our new staff land at school well
  • will the teens I met today, the ones who in the past have ‘appeared’ so very much off the rails and now seem a bit more grown up, have a great semester
  • how to always have hope, even when some teens seem so off track


  1. I’m waiting for more about what you’re thankful for, and curious about…

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