Posted by: bwoof | January 30, 2010

Air Miles

Did you know? It’s true!

Air Miles will soon change (a.k.a. increase!!) the number of points required to redeem flights. This is big news for our family since we are here and the kids are there….lots and lots of km away! And we don’t get to see each other that often.

So, this evening I’m a ‘learner’ out of necessity. It’s time to figure out how to best use my points before frequent flyer inflation sets in on Feb 12.

Here’s the somewhat elusive hint that the change is about ready to take place…

First, you’ll see above that little flash screen. It shows for only a couple seconds, then switches to several other images. If you miss it the first time you might not see it at all. Hmm…sneaky?

Then, the next image shows the points currently required to travel from Hamilton to Abbotsford.

And finally, you’ll see what the new requirements will be for a similar trip. Sigh!  Check out the numbers in Row 1.

Grateful for:

  • a day at home to whittle away at pesky tasks
  • candles at dinner
  • hope even when people suffer
  • plenty of food and shelter on the coldest day of the year

Curious about:

  • why does the Miss America pageant STILL have a bathing suit competetion?
  • why is there a Miss America pageant in the first place? (it’s on the TV as I write)

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