Posted by: bwoof | January 26, 2010

Still wondering about boys and reading

I still don’t get it, but I’m not a boy.

Some boys I know just won’t read! It’s not that they can’t–they just won’t. It’s irrelevant, way too much work for way too little payoff, and it’s not cool and it’s just not fun.

As you might imagine, this poses a problem for English teachers who believe that in order to demonstrate course expectations, all students should read, and read works that are longer than just a tweet.

So, I’ve been working with an idea and tossed it to a boy today…and he caught it.

“What if,” I asked, “we could get a Hamilton Tiger-Cats football player to come and read with you, or make you a challenge? Would you read then?”

“Yes! I sure would!” was the immediate answer, and with raised eyebrows and smile added.

So, what did I learn? Two things:

1) I’d better figure out a way to get a Ti-Cat to come

2) relating to ‘cool’ might have more to do with reading than reading itself

So, if you’re a Ti-Cat fan, help me out here. We need a bit of a miracle. 🙂

Grateful for:

  • a wonderful data secretary who never flinches when we toss great ‘student success’ wonky ideas her way
  • the never-ending beauty of Niagara Falls (where I am right now)…I’ve seen them all my life and the power is always incredible
  • AY (Alternatives for Youth) and their ability to turn lives around, to arrest addictions, and to provide hope

Curious about:

  • Friday’s staff mtg and our special guest…I wonder how it will go, and will the people catch the vision and message?
  • how to rebuild Haiti
  • why do disasters happen?

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