Posted by: bwoof | January 25, 2010

Never give up hope

I am so blessed to be connected to an organization that truly ministers to the needs of people, both across Ontario and now globally.

And part of being connected to that group includes meeting people who have incredible life stories. Tonight, for example, I met Robert who is now an accomplished gospel singer-musician who travels all over Canada, Europe and the US sharing his life-changing story.

I learned that he was raised in Brooklyn, NY, the only child of a substance-abuse-mother, and that he basically took care of himself on the streets in the school of hard knocks. He quickly descended into drugs, crime and violence and spent 17 years on again and off again getting ‘free’ room and board in various forms of incarcertion. Sounds hopeless, right?

But then, one day his 3-year-old daughter told him that God loved him…and in tears he decided to change his life, if he could. The rest is history and it includes an amazing year spent at Teen Challenge, which specializes in helping young people leave drugs and other addictions. I’m vaguely familiar with this program since a long time ago they took an old car that we donated and they fixed it up as part of their on-site mechanics program.

On the way home from tonight’s event, a hour long drive, I listened to Robert’s CD and just reveled in the amazing joy that he has and the wonderful gift of music and hope that he now shares with thousands.

And again, even though there are so often disappointing stories at school, there are also amazing stories that defy the odds and inspire me to keep on going every day, even when it looks like all our efforts make not a bit of difference.

You just never know…you never know…

Grateful for:

  • stories of hope that come at just the right time
  • good roads for the trip to and from K-W

Curious about:

  • how to fix a sewing machine that is making the threads all bunch up…especially when I’m not anywhere near the machine (yes, 4000 km is a long way away)

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