Posted by: bwoof | January 23, 2010

Snowboarding and the Olympics

As a followup to yesterday here is another example of that tag thing I learned about. Today’s Toronto Star has the following article and you can see the image on the bottom right which delivers meta-content when you hover your iPhone (or similar device) over it. Amazing! In this case, a 90 second video ad for a car launches. I don’t care a bit about the car, but the technology is impressive.


What if we had no textbooks at school. What if all we had were mini-devices which just scoop up and display the info I need, right at the time I need it.

Other learnings today include the good news that our local Ancaster boy, Brad Martin is heading to the Olympics. Lots of people here are cheering for him and it’s always fun to think that you know someone famous. Check out this Hamilton Spectator article, and also, be sure to see Brad in all the Macdonald’s ads on TV and in print. And you’ll be able to watch him from the Vancouver Olympics or get a sneak peak here.

Grateful for:

  • NM and her positive tone, all the time!!
  • stories of students being successful on their first exams yesterday
  • Percocet (for the knee surgery person at my home)

Curious about:

  • Laurentian Centre from Trinity Western University
  • What the Dog Saw, the newest book by Malcolm Gladwell and yet another book on the pile in my reading nook

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