Posted by: bwoof | January 22, 2010

Microsoft Tag — way too cool!

Today I was reading the newspaper and scanned an article about Robert Redford and the Sundance Festival. Right beside the article was a little square image looking somewhat like a mini piece of geometric/abstract art. The caption invited me to hover my iPhone over the image to see what would happen, but first I had to install an app. No problem.

When I pointed my iPhone at the little square, in about two second flat YouTube all of a sudden appeared open and ready to go on my screen. In another second there was a video featuring the reporter who had written the article…he was there to present more info about the Festival. Sound, audio, everything was there, all because I let my iPhone read a tag. I think it’s a Microsoft tag of some sort.


So, think of the possibilities…

  • when you go to a museum or art gallery you just point your device at a little sign and the video docent will give you an embellished description of the thing you are viewing
  • when you want to make reservations at a restaurant, a tag on their online or print ad will trigger a video of the location, complete with menus, recommendations, and the option to reserve a table
  • when you see a bus shelter ad for a new product that you’d like to try, let your iPhone ‘look’ at the tag and then fetch you all the specs for the product including the price, reviews, and even where the closest vendor is

Grateful for:

  • Jeremiah 29:11 which is so encouraging even when news is disappointing
  • McMaster hospital and the many health-care professionals who do a great job during knee surgery procedures
  • a wonderful wood teacher who inspires reluctant learners and lets their full potential flourish in ways that could almost make you cry with joy
  • other wonderful teachers who just so authentically understand teens that it, too, makes you want to cry with joy
  • all the blessings of living in Ontario Canada!!

Curious about:

  • scaphoids
  • active sports that are good for aging knees and broken scaphoids
  • what to do when learners are discouraged by pettiness
  • what to do when a teen really (!!!!) doesn’t want to read fiction and would rather fail a course instead of reading a novel?

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