Posted by: bwoof | January 20, 2010

Ontario Leadership Framework

How many acronyms do you use in a day? In my line of work there are a lot (see below) and today I collected two more: OLF and PPA

OLF stands for the Ontario Leadership Framework and it’s the new model of leadership development and accountability which governs administrators and managers and superintendents in school boards across the province.

All of the OLF will then come to play when the PPA (Principal Performance Appraisal) happens.

The model of leadership competencies and look-fors is quite good, but very all-encompassing and overwhelming at times. To do it all makes me want to have superhero powers. Alas, that’s not going to happen, but I will strive to practice and develop leadership skills in any way possible.

And now…drum roll…here is a collection of acronyms we use all the time in edu-babble. If you are an educator you can keep score, and if you aren’t, well, just have a good laugh instead.

AER, EPAS, CASE, TPA, MOE, OCT, EQAO, KICA, ARC, SIP, BIP, SIF, OFIP. OTIP. OSSTF, OTC, IPRC, AQs, P/J, I/S, OT, LTO, LRT, IEP, MID, LD, SSEF, SEOF, SOE, ESIS, OnSIS, OEN, MEN, MIDENT, OUAC, OCAS, OCUP, COPE, ETFO, DRA,…and that’s only part of the list.  I’m sure there are lots I’ve missed.

Grateful for:

  • a teacher with an ever-present positive attitude
  • heading out for the evening with Grandma

Curious about:

  • courageous conversations

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