Posted by: bwoof | January 19, 2010

Ontario works

More and more…I’m learning things that I hadn’t planned on.

Today, for example, I learned how to find the local Hamilton Housing office…which is right beside the Ontario Works office…which is not that far from my school…all of which is on public transit routes and/or within walking distance of several high-density areas.

It is out of these offices that the basic necessities of life are provided for individuals and families. This includes LEAP, a program for Learning Earning And Parenting, the program that helps some young people I know.

Grateful for:

  • a wonderful on-call social worker who knew just how to talk kindly to an upset teen and divert some really bad potential decisions
  • Our Gr 9 Math EQAO day

Curious about:

  • how long the list is for long-term care
  • how to find meaningful activities for a senior citizen
  • the American health care system which, for those with insurance seems to work. But, for those with insurance whose companies are fighting back and won’t pay, it seems really disfunctional. And, what all the folks with no insurance.

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