Posted by: bwoof | January 16, 2010

Random facts…

If you need a Trivial Pursuit player I can maybe help out. My new learnings today are random, but could be useful someday.

~ Houston has three airports and, naturally, the one that Air Canada uses is the furthest from Rice University where my IB training will be

~ hot water tanks do not last forever, thus triggering decisions about to rent or to buy, to go conventional and stick with the standard 40-50 gallon tank or to go greener (and more expensive!) and get the Rheem tankless heater which uses way less energy

~ Christmas trees sometimes last way longer than you’d expect. Ours went to curbside today with sprouts on it!

~ NFL football is down to the wire and the Colts (family favourite) are currently ahead

~ a Rough-Legged Hawk and a Red-Shouldered Hawk look similar and we think one of them is living near our house, but we can’t tell exactly what it is. I’m betting on a Red-Shouldered juvenile

Grateful for:

  • our kids and all their cell phone chats and all their new lessons
  • Ryan’s Bday and the blessing he brings to our family
  • All the Christmas decor and boxes are put away

Curious about:

  • the differences and pros and cons re granite, cultered marble, and other types of countertops, particularly for a bathroom install
  • accessibility training and anti-bullying training for staff

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