Posted by: bwoof | January 15, 2010

Marshmallows in science class

I visited a class today and watched as some students experienced bunsen burners and gas for the very first time. It was quite an event, especially when they started their experiments with chemical changes. As practice, they had a sort of in-school campfire and ‘roasted’ marshmallows over the ‘open fire’, a.k.a. the bunsen burner.

Then they graduated to wooden skewers dipped in various chemicals to see what would happen when the same ‘roasting’ technique was applied. Indeed, it was quite a success with some students seeing green flames and even pink ones, some fast and furious flames and then some tall and beautiful flames. All in all it was a great learning day for the fledgling scientists.

But, what was my big learning?

It was a surprise!

Three students had never (!!) tasted marshmallows before.  Nor had they roasted them before. And no, they’ve never been to a campfire. Indeed, they’ve never been camping.  

I learned (again) that what makes sense to me may be totally new to someone else.

Grateful for:

  • last day for our Christmas tree
  • Luncheon of Champions

Curious about:

  • the new Malcolm Gladwell book, What the Dog Saw


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