Posted by: bwoof | January 14, 2010

Why blueberries turn muffins green

We have very cool teachers at my school, all of whom have various interesting things to teach me.

Today, for example, our equivalent of Bill Nye The Science Guy stretched my understanding of why certain foods do wonky things. Like, why do blueberries, when baked into muffins, sometimes turn the muffins green? Well, it’s all because of acids and bases. Blueberries are somewhat acidic, but when mixed with a base, i.e., baking soda, there’s a chemical change that happens and it pulls out a green colour.

So, your muffins are not moldly, they are just more balanced between acids and bases than they were before. Way too cool!

Also, did you know that toothpaste is a base, all designed to counteract the acids in our mouths, acid that comes from chewing foods and things like that.

Indeed, science in everyday life makes a lot of sense. And, I like it when teachers make it all seem so sensible and simple.

Grateful for:

  • a wonderful bday party for Grandma and special visitors to make it more fun
  • not getting sick when so many other staff are coming down with ugly bugs

Curious about:

  • how to empower a teen without letting him make a mockery of everyone else

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