Posted by: bwoof | January 10, 2010

How to get stopped by airport security…

As of today we are now child-less here in Ancaster and watched as the youngest fledgling headed back to school, 3000 km away. WestJet, a common theme in this PLog provided a learning showcase for me once again.

Did you know that:

~ an African sword, souvenir from Burkina Faso, will stop all the security folks dead in their tracks until it is authorized by the grand poobah who recognizes it for what is is…not a weapon, just a souvenir…all packed nicely in the checked baggage

~ kitchen cultery destined for BC and the daughter who needs to outfit her flat shared with two other girls will stop security folks on cue…apparently forks are weapons when used 40 000 feet above sea level. Knives are no better. Parents’ role is to rescue the 19-year-old son from certain demise by taking the offending cutlery home, again.

~ hockey bags, once freely used for transporting university students’ stuff are now considered oversized and overweight. There’s a trick, however, make it look like you are actually a hockey player and carry hockey sticks and all will be well. Otherwise you get to pay an extra $52.

Grateful for:

  • three kids and one incredible son-in-law
  • a most wonderful holiday Christmas season which sort of ended today when the last kid flew away
  • a powerful “State of the Church” address from Pastor Mike (link to follow once it’s posted)
  • lunch at Costco and great conversation with friends
  • candles

Curious about:

  • teen pregnancy and miscarriage rates
  • how to get a child and youth worker at my school
  • how to conduct classroom visits that make a difference

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