Posted by: bwoof | December 26, 2009

Joy to the world and dementia

It’s becoming a theme…learning to have joy even when living with someone with dementia.

Today we celebrated Christmas with another part of our extended family and we had a very spontaneous musical interlude, a hearty carol sing-a-along. Surprisingly, the long-ago-used piano playing skills came back perfectly and our special person played by ear, beautifully and in time with dad’s trombone which she had requested. When our carols were finally over she said that we weren’t done because Jim  had not yet played the trombone.

Wow…it had only been a couple of minutes since we had had that lengthy musical duet with she herself as the most active participant. Stunning…in a way. Yet also predictable in that we can’t predict anything. Dementia, I’m learning, is like that.

Joy to the world…and you find it in tiny little places, without a lot of notice, and you’d better catch it while you can. It’s a choice.


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