Posted by: bwoof | December 23, 2009

Amazing Engineering

BodyWorld! What an amazing exhibit. We visited the Ontario Science Centre today and learned more things than I can relate here. But here’s a preliminary list:

  • bodies of real people (donations post-death) can be plastinated and displayed to show bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, diseases, tumours, blood vessels, and a host of other body features too numerous to mention
  • smokers’ lungs really do turn black…literally
  • the heel bone is much more protruding than I’d thought
  • stents (or stints) can be used for all sorts of things like aorta repairs and blood vessel obstructions
  • the blood vessels in a human, if straightened out and laid end to end would go to the moon and back, or more!

Grateful for:

  • open house at Rob and Janet’s
  • our amazing bodies!!
  • lunch out with the kids and grandma
  • Christmas week plans shaping up nicely

Curious about:

  • how do tendons and ligaments work and how to they ‘stick’ to the bones? Luke explained it but I’m still over-amazed that it all works somehow
  • knee surgery
  • T, S, J, TA, N, and the many other teens I know who are at this very moment disillusioned with life, Christmas seasons in particular; they may be hungry…how can I help?


  1. Bodyworld would be great for kids of all ages, but you’d have to scale it back a bit for younger ones since they wouldn’t necessarily appreciate all the fine print. If you do take them, pack a nifty package of snacks and promises that you’ll take them to the more interactive portions of the Science Centre…there are some way too cool things there.

  2. Hello! I’d love to see this exhibit, but would you recommend it for a 5, 7, and 9 yr old?

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