Posted by: bwoof | December 22, 2009

Financial planning and Sonos

Today we learned more about financial planning for a senior citizen…how the RRIFs work, how to donate shares and escape capital gains, how to manage various accounts, how to tinker with open money and segregated money.

Integrity in one’s financial advisor is of critical importance. Competency is another key ingredient. When you get both, as we do, it’s a blessing.

Grateful for:

  • three haircuts in our family
  • Dave and Mandy and the ‘small group’ connectivity with the university kids
  • all the blinds getting dusted and washed
  • Sonos…way too cool! All the zones work independently or in ‘party mode’
  • Carl at East Hamilton Radio and the S5 that is coming soon

Curious about:

  • Sonos…what else can it do?

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