Posted by: bwoof | December 21, 2009

Senior moments

This past year has been an extraordinary journey of learning…in the area of senior citizens, dementia, CCAC, and communal family living. It’s been good…and humbling.

Today I learned the importance of meaningful activities for a senior person. In many ways, and I say this with sincerest respect, life at home resembles more and more how it was when the kids were little.  During those years I, as a stay-at-home mom, spent many hours every day constructing creative activities…playdough, arts and crafts, radio drama, music, play times, stories, puzzles etc etc. We had very little TV or video, very little.

So, now it’s much the same. Today we ran errands (thankfully with a walker), shopped for gifts, looked at lots of stuff in stores, purchased groceries, made cookies, decorated cookies, ate meals together, scrubbed dusty venetian blinds, and talked about the past. I find myself planning ahead to anticipate what the next interest might be,  or should be, or could be.

It’s clear…our senior citizen wants to be involved and connected, but needs us to make it all happen. Idle time is all of a sudden not what she wants. I shall count this as a blessing, and will simultaneously try to figure out ways to make it all happen.

So…we learn all over again.  It’s been almost a year since she came to live here…and approximately 20 years ago when I lived a not so different life creating all those fun and hands-on activities for the kids. Time flies!

Grateful for:

  • money enough to allow our senior citizen to get what she needs…and wants
  • blue jeans….her first ever! And, they look great, fit well, and are comfy to the max
  • simple activities that bring dignity
  • turkey soup on this the shortest and darkest day of the year
  • swift lines at the Health Card office and the Driver’s Licence office.

Curious about:

  • what will the future hold and what new ‘senior moments’ will we have?

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