Posted by: bwoof | December 20, 2009

IB and upcoming training

My school starts the International Baccalaureate Diploma program (IBDP) in Sept 2010 and we are ramping up for all sorts of important changes. In preparation, I will go to training in February to learn about the administrator’s role. So, today was the first day of my intentional learning curve, in addition to the happenstance things I’ve learned about IB so far.

I have read many web pages and now know what TOK, CAS, and Groups 1-6 mean. Click here to learn what I’m learning.

Grateful for:

  • Jacob Moon and the wonderful concert tonight
  • K and L getting to spend time together
  • K spending time with S on a very difficult day
  • NO duty board tomorrow!
  • UPS and their promise to get an important package to L and R in time for Christmas

Curious about:

  • why such sad things happen to innocent people, especially children who are way too young to see a parent die unexpectedly!

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