Posted by: bwoof | December 19, 2009

The Beatles; and West Jet comes through again!

I have very vague memories of the Beatles when they were a smash hit in the 60s. I also well remember copious warnings about their drugs, their comments about Jesus, their long hair, and their symbolically rebellious if not revolutionary lyrics and behaviour.

Last night (when I was conveniently not plogging!) we went to a Classic Albums Live concert at the beautiful Brantford Sanderson Centre. “A Very Lennon Christmas” was on the playbill and so we settled in for a concert in a series we sometimes frequent. By the way, these musicians are really good!

For an entire evening all we heard was Lennon music; the first half featured his solo selections, and the second half was Beatles music that he wrote. Fascinating! And I learned a lot….

In a strange way, I now know why I’d been given all those warnings. Listening in sequence, song after song, there is, after all, a theme in Lennon’s message. Indeed, drugs are there, almost all the time it seems. There’s a longing for revolution and change. There’s a hunger for peace. There’s a disdain for hypocrisy and shallowness.

Having not been raised with access to this music, all of this learning is a news flash to me. I listened carefully, pondered, and then mused on a life of faith which, for me, answers the questions Lennon sings about.

BTW, If I’ve missed a day it’s with good reason. West Jet has brought another eagle back to the nest and I’ve learned (again) that I love the Hamilton airport and my WJ friends. Whoo hoo! When faced with the dilemma of plogging or heading to the airport late late late after the concert was over, it was a slam dunk decision. Jonny is home!

Grateful for:

  • a WONDERFUL day at school…lots of carols, food, fun, kids being together, and the traditional teacher air band
  • terrific colleagues
  • the blue snowboarding coat that found a good home today

Curious about:

  • all the kids who didn’t make it to school today and for whom Christmas is an awful time of year

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