Posted by: bwoof | December 17, 2009


Today was a humbling day…very humbling. I learned that I don’t know very much.

For example, until today I did not know…

  • how to acquire free prescription glasses for a needy person
  • how to book an eye doc appointment for someone whom I really don’t know and then actually go to the appointment a couple of hours later
  • how to skip class and get all the way to the mall and Macdonalds, consume a extra large burger, and then return in time for last period of the day
  • that teens like rectangular eyeglass frames instead of round-ish ones
  • a teen’s need to look the right way will trump all other factors including comfort, efficiency, cost, and even designer labels (if they are not the ‘right’ label)

Grateful for:

  • Lenscrafters and their kindness
  • Dr. L and his and his team’s prompt attention

Curious about:

  • why some teens just don’t care about following rules

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