Posted by: bwoof | December 16, 2009

Henna Business

Our school offers an Entrepeneurial Course which requires students to imagineer a business, make plans, design a product, conduct research and launch a marketing campaign, and then eventually sell products or services that can turn a profit.

Today I ‘shopped’ at two booths set up, one showcasing homemade chocolates (I bought a $1 Santa), and the other promoting Henna tattoos. I’m not sure if ‘tattoo’ is the correct word–perhaps body art is the better term.

With great pride, the Henna Business team persuaded me to partake in their art and the pictures in today’s plog are the proof that my $1 was invested well. I’ve learned a lot about henna today and here is the summary:

~ henna comes from a plant that produces a burgundy coloured dye
~ India is the largest producer of henna

~ henna paste applied to skin, nails, or leather and left on for several hours will leave a reddish-brownish stain which can last for up to a month
~ Henna is applied via a long thin cone-shaped tube, not unlike a cake

~ Henna artists take their work very seriously, including the lovely teen who designed a custom look for my left hand today


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