Posted by: bwoof | December 11, 2009

Frogs and more frogs!!!

Today I learned what a classroom looks like when every student is totally engrossed in gross things. Indeed, it was dissection day in Mr. G’s class.

With the help of Mrs. N and Miss M our wonderful and faithful volunteer, every student dissected a frog and learned assorted body parts. It was a day of exploration for all and ickyness for some.

Moments like this really, and I do mean really really, inspire me and give me hope that what happens in education does make a difference.

Now, this is not to say I’d like to have any of these students as my brain surgeon, but they can now identify lungs, intestines, stomachs, muscles, and a host of other things including reproductive organs. The students all wanted me to know that all the frogs were boys. Indeed, that was quite a topic of discovery and discussion!

Grateful for:

  • that wonderful Gr 10 Science class
  • amazing bodies and engineering
  • innovative ideas for our upcoming option sheets

Curious about:

  • was there a weapon?
  • the relationships between religion and culture and how that spins out in a multi-cultural society (the context for this is that we had a classic Romeo and Juliet story or Westside Story today)
  • how do rumour mills get going, not just in kids but in others?


  1. Excuse me for commenting offtopic … which wordpress template are you using? Looks amazing.

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