Posted by: bwoof | December 6, 2009

Five concerts

In the last twenty-four hours I’ve been to five different concerts, all wonderful, unique, and beautifully creative. I learned that:

  • the human spirit desires beauty and wholeness
  • music speaks all languages
  • people working together (i.e, kids choir, symphony, ensembles, decorators, sound crews etc) is even more beautiful that the products or productions they produce

Grateful for:

  • Trevor Dick and his violin
  • Compass Point kids and “Take Me To The Manger”
  • Benton St Baptist choir, symphony and Connie who decorated the church so exquistely
  • Bethany’s outdoor Christmas pageant, complete with horses, chariots, soldiers, donkeys, sheep, cows, angels, and even a camel. We were part of the 10 000+ people who attended over three days.
  • Steve Bell and the Kitchener Philharmonic…beautiful!

Curious about:

  • someone I know who hates ‘hallmark’ occasions, with ‘Xmas’ being the most abhorrent
  • some teens I know who suffer over the holidays in even deeper ways than usual–is there anything anyone can do to reduce the pain, bring some joy, offer some hope?
  • my kids and final exams

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