Posted by: bwoof | December 5, 2009

Alpha and Beta

I learned yesterday (hope that’s OK to put this as a learning from today) from a teacher at school  that not only is there Alpha but there’s now Beta, a worldwide program offered in over 65 languages. I’ve only heard about Alpha but never participated in it and have met several people who are more than enthused by what it has done for them.  There are many signs around my community at churches, community centres, malls, and schools, for example, advertising classes. In fact, there are seven current offerings in the Hamilton area alone. 

I’m surprised by that!

Grateful for:

  • a slow lazy day
  • Steve Bell music and his symphony CD ….and for the concert that we’ll attend
  • Mike Janzen and his incredible compositions and piano playing

Curious about:

  • Beta and where it will run in my area
  • why two different friends this week had such different experiences…one is the grandmother of a new baby born on the same day that I heard from the other, a mother, grieving hers who was lost before being born

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