Posted by: bwoof | December 2, 2009

I like birch

Wes is trimming up the new windows and selected birch as his wood of choice.

I’ve always liked birch trees, but didn’t know that it’s a great looking hardwood which is a news flash to me. For some reason I thought birch was soft, sort of like pine.

So, that’s my new learning for today, but in other news, I learned via one of our teachers that unemployment took a 40.5%  increase in Hamilton when compared year to year at this time.  It’s gone from 23 700 to 33 330 in one year which is a 9 600 increase.  Check out this statscan table.  My colleague noted also that Toronto is not far behind. Is it possible that families are moving to our area in an attempt to reduce their costs in tough times?

Frankly, we don’t always need the chart. I stared at poverty again today…in the eyes of a teen.

Grateful for:

  • that box of granola bars which gives me a bit of wiggle room when I need to give something away
  • the RJ video and resources that have been provided for our staff meeting
  • an awesome teacher whose forgiving and welcoming attitude made a huge difference today

Curious about:

  • how do breakfast programs work at a high school?

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