Posted by: bwoof | November 29, 2009

A book in memory of Annette

Back on Oct 28th I was in Antigonish, Nova Scotia at the all-too-early memorial service for my dear friend Annette. I miss her a lot and remain caught between sadness and disbelief.

On that day which was so beautiful and ‘annett-ish’ with the sun blazing on all the fall colours, I walked a long long way, just like she would have done if we’d been together, and found a small consignment shop in which I purchased a sweater which reminds me of her She was not a clothes-horse by any means. Not at all! But this sweater is a bit earthy, priced right, and I’m wearing it right this moment. And it makes me think of her…and causes me to muse about the meaning of life and death.

A few steps away from the first shop is another…an independent bookseller, just the kind of place Annette would have frequented with both loyalty and joy. So I bought a book in her honour. Indeed I did.

It’s called God Is: Faith in a Secular World, and earlier that morning while sharing tears with friends of Annette, John and Richelle, they told me about the book that they’d recently read. Naturally, that’s the book I looked for, and found.

I began reading it this morning and believe that David Adams Richards, a well-known Canadian author is on to something. He’s a member of the ‘literatia’, the well-established Canadian creative class, but of that group he speaks somewhat harshly, accusing them of a close-mindedness against matters of faith that it is ‘now so ingrained into the consciousness of young writers that many of them have found few independent ways to think of God” (34).

He goes on to contend that ‘writers, if not careful, will find themselves conforming to what is popular in order to be considered unique.”

So, today I learned that there are, in fact, dissenting voices in the academy. And it’s refreshingly honest and intriguing. I’m looking forward to the rest of the read….and hopefully will find some thinking folks who would like to ‘dine and discuss’ or at least discuss. John and Rochelle live too far away (Alberta) to meet with them. Too bad.

Grateful for:

  • a wonderful weekend away
  • Leigh and Marilyn who came to visit grandma

Curious about:

  • a teen who was evicted on Friday and will we see that person again?

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