Posted by: bwoof | November 22, 2009

Hero of the Year

Today I learned that the CNN Hero of the Year is a 28-year-old Philippino man who got a pushcart and took education to kids…kids in gangs.  It sounds creative, innovative, unconventional. What would be the equivalent in my school district?

They say that great ideas need landing gear as well as wings, so what follows are only my dreams, not the how-to. I have no idea if any of these can take flight but then again, Orville and Wilbur Wright had a dream and lots and lots of crashes before they had a first flight.

What  if…

~ we pay kids to come to school? $5 for every day of perfect attendance–no lates no absences. Then add another $5 for completed units or major assignments. That would be enough to eat at Macdonalds twice a day (legally) without having to hawk illegal contraband like they do now in order to eat. Recall that these are kids who don’t have someone at ‘home’ to prepare a meal

~ we could hire the most tattooed and heavily pierced spiky haired young 20-somethings to hang out at my school and just connect with kids…and show them how to find the lice busters bus, or the free dental clinic, or the local health clinic, or a homework club where the volunteers speak 56 different languages

~ we could get a skateboard park at my school along with sponsored shoes, clothes, safety gear, coaches, and competitions (with videos,  YouTube, and professional sportcasters), all under lights!!

~ we could find local champions from <insert country name> who totally understand the culture and can model for youth what it means to rise above the history and make a new history

~ we could build a really cool off-campus drop-in centre open 24 hours a day for things like:  eLearning with an on-site coach, showers/personal hygiene items/cots, music and games, family style meals with real table settings, platters of food to share, and linen, candles, and fresh flowers…maybe even classical music! Seriously, that might sound crazy but I wonder if my students have ever heard Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms. It’s world of wonder that might just be weird to them right now but…but….can you imagine?

Grateful for:

  • Wes, friends, birthday surprises, digital pics from Africa, and lots of fun
  • awesome Sunday a.m. message at CP

Curious about:


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