Posted by: bwoof | November 20, 2009

Master Mind

It’s interesting to learn that someone you met a couple of times as a child has years and years later done something special or notable. Dwight (no, not the one from The Office!) is one of those people and I’ve recently learned that he’s written a book which I shall try to read someday soon…if I can escape the rush of school and the never-ending pieces of paper, each of which represent a real student, or family, or something else that is really and truly important.

I wonder…will any of these teens be like Dwight someday? Will they go on to do famous things? Will they be thinkers, leaders, life-shapers?

I admit…at times it’s hard to see past what I see.

Grateful for:

  • reminders that what I see with ‘ocular’ sight may not be visionary at all
  • Friday!
  • Relevant magazine and the current issue which we are hoarding and reading until the subscription holder (a.k.a. son in university) gets home for Christmas break. It’s a great issue.

Curious about:

  • will all the detention kids make it to the right place today? If so, does it make any difference? And if not, what will I do about it?




  1. I like that magazine- an interesting read. Thanks, I hadn’t come across it yet!

  2. I better get that issue back!

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