Posted by: bwoof | November 19, 2009

Math is fun!

Today I learned, or rather re-learned, that math is fun. It’s especially fun when a whole department of motivated teachers purposes to just dive in, take risks, and try new things. And it’s even more fun when they start archiving their learning for all to see in a Glendale math wiki and other collaborative sharing spaces.  I have a secret desire to be back in Gr 9 or 10 with these fine folks as my teachers.

Will Richardson has long been a maven of mine and, as you may know, is a link in my personal learning network. Seriously, when I look at my personal philosophy of education, Will’s influence is all over the place…and I appreciate his input. He’s the original guru of wikis, blogs and podcasts in education and now his ideas are more and more common in schools. I’m very glad to say that my school is fast becoming one of these places and our math folks are leading the way. 

When we use wikis and other collaborative spaces we are doing ‘real’ work, says Will.  And I agree.

Grateful for:

  • Melinda, Chantelle, Gary, and Rebecca
  • our entire math department
  • birthday dinners and cakes
  • a box of teen-friendly clothes, mostly new, that a teacher brought in so that I could set up a situation where a couple of teens could ‘help’ me sort them. By the time we’d finished, most of the clothes were gone and claimed by my helpers. What a blessing.

Curious about:

  • an entire calculus course in less than 20 minutes…it actually makes sense 🙂
  • the 17-33 principle as it relates to looking after a person with dementia…apparently this is the age bracket in which many life decisions are made, therefore these years are easier to remember and talk about when dementia sets in. News flash to me, but it’s surely a practical tip.

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