Posted by: bwoof | November 15, 2009

Geckos and other icky things…

OK, so maybe I’m not that interested in going to Burkina Faso after all. Today I learned that:

~ geckos are everywhere there and they have little suction cup things on the ends of their toes that allow them to stick upside down…usually directly overhead

~ if you catch a gecko by his tail, the tail will fall off (in your hand) and twitch on the floor. But don’t worry, he’ll grow a new one

~ Burkina Faso is on the equator so every day of the year the sun rises at 6 a.m. and sets at 6 p.m.

~ the night sky in Burkina Faso looks like our sky in July and August….lots and lots of stars and a white blur which is the Milky Way

~ children do not wear uniforms to school

~ the people in Burkina Faso do not ‘need’ North Americans to come and help as they have plenty of labourers. What they do need is compassion and a lot of help so that they can help themselves.

~ it takes 5 huge bags of rice to feed the 450 children at the Village of Hope. The big pots hang over wood burning fires and workers get tall trees and literally feed them into the fires inch by inch until it’s all burned up

~ there are no rules about pollution in Burkina Faso, or so it seems

Grateful for:

  • a snake-free and gecko-free home
  • digital cameras and Wes’ hundreds of photos which all tell a wonderful story

Curious about:

  • our learning day at school tomorrow…and my hopes and dreams that it will be awesome

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