Posted by: bwoof | November 12, 2009

Dead Poets and learning

I watched an academy award show today, or something that if filmed would have surely topped the poetry teacher scene in Dead Poet Society.

And I learned (again) that learning is not about stuffing random irrelevant  disconnected knowledge tidbits into brain cavities, nor is it about power-hosing good behaviours into reluctant teen learners. No, it’s more, much more than that.  

deadpoetNow, if only I could bottle the pure essence of learning into a bottle and dispense each precious drop little by little, I’d not only be a rich woman, but I’d put all the social workers, shrinks, therapists and vice-principals out of work.    And maybe,  just maybe, more classes would be like the one you can click on to the right.

Grateful for:

  • Laura, Dr. Hitchman, dentists, and ICBC
  • M, T, D, and S, all of whom made mini-progress today
  • great cabinet meeting
  • coaches
  • Great-West Life

Curious about:

  • scaphoid bones

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