Posted by: bwoof | November 11, 2009

Conversation Peace

Today I learned that the Restorative Justice resources we received at our training are really good.  I used some pages from a book called Conversation Peace today when working with a student who has anger management issues….a.k.a. very short distance between trigger of anger and overt display of anger.conversationpeace

In that book is a one-page diagram which I so dearly want to post here but think I won’t since the plagiarism police would be sure to find me.

It’s a simple diagram of a volcano with a huge explosion cloud on the top and lava rushing down the sides of the mountain. The diagram is labelled at ground level with the word “Triggers”.  

Wish I could post that diagram…then you’d see what I mean.

Grateful for:

  • family safety
  • my own kids…awesome people
  • good decisions made by a teen
  • candor

Curious about:

  • EQAO and ESL accommodations on the math test
  • hat rules in schools

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