Posted by: bwoof | November 10, 2009

French Bread, Fruitopia and a boy

Today I learned (more) about teens and the needs that must be met first, long before academic learning can take place.

Picture this…a cool but sunny fall day. Class has started but a teen has no intent of going or of leaving his ‘home base’ off-campus where his friends hang out.

In his hands are the results of grocery store food coupons (school-provided) well spent….a huge loaf of white french bread, a carton of Fruitopia, and a 2L bottle of Coke. He ravenously eats the entire loaf! And drinks almost all the juice. There is peanut butter at home…maybe, but then again where’s home? He’s not sure. I kid you not.

In the midst of all of this I realized again, that my worldview values education and I just assume that it’s always a clear choice to go to class, complete assignments, and pay attention.


But I have food and lots of other creature comforts.

I’ve got left-over inner energy to consider things like balancing chemical equations, ponding iambic pentameter poetry, working out line regressions, and comprehending mitosis, among other things. I might even think that earning credits is a cool thing to do.

Today I’m humbled by the survival instinct that some teens have. And I spent almost all afternoon just listening, watching, talking, and trying to imagineer what a school could possibly do to make things better.

surprised by hopeI’m still thinking…

Grateful for:

  • my L’Abri study group (Surprised by Hope is the current discussion topic) and all those inspiring seniors who think and act young
  • Benji who knows how to keep a senior citizen happy, content, and lovedbenji2

Curious about:

  • Living Rock and whether or not I can get a teen girl some connections over there
  • the net benefit (or detriment) of a ‘no hats’ rule at high schools

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