Posted by: bwoof | November 9, 2009

Walkers and grandmas

It’s no secret. Since January of this year I have been learning a lot about senior citizens, one in particular.

Today I learned that it’s really important that I make investments in ‘grandma’s’ world and that I try very hard to make sure that she gets some sort of social opportunities every day. I will archive my year-to-date-learnings below, but for today I’ve discovered that she will, in fact, use the walker if I provide an interesting venue in which to use it. It was a first today…and it won’t be the last.

Limeridge Mall, here we come!

I had to run an errand and decided to offer her a mini-trip. In two minutes flat, I kid you not, she had her coat and shoes on and was at the door. Little had I realized how hungry she’s becoming for a change of scenery.


cinnabonSo, off we went and enjoyed our food-court dinner, did some people watching, wandered a bit, and then window shopped. Then, I confess, we cinned! That decadent Cinnabon bun, warm and oozing with sticky icing was simply delightful. She loved it and didn’t mind walking half the mall to get that bit of child-like pleasure. It was worth every unhealthy calorie!

And I learned that I can, and must, find ways to bring her joy. And I’m the surprised beneficiary.

Other 2009 learnings…

  • get a senior citizen off narcotics if possible! Seriously, it’s surprising how cupable they are in creating pain, discomfort, bad bowels, and well, the list goes on
  • de-clutter and live with just a few main clothing items that are easy to wash and wear
  • invest in proper fixtures for the bathroom, particularly a special long bench that one can buy from the Health Store
  • get your name on a list and get CCAC involved a.s.a.p. They are wonderful and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a nice bath lady coming by twice a week to keep things nice and fresh
  • take your senior citizen to events…just about anything will do, but preferably where there are people her own age
  • arrange cataract surgery…it works and it’s amazing!
  • get a good foot care person who can do nails, massages, and cleaning
  • animalbookpoisonwoodbiblehave lots of reading material on hand…even novels. My senior citizen is reading my book club book (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) and I will take her in a couple of weeks to her third meeting. She may not remember what she’s read, but she says that Barbara Kingsolver’s book is really good. When she’s done I shall give her one of my favourites, The Poisonwood Bible, also by Kingsolver.
  • prepare interesting food with lots of flavour (and local if possible)…if you get your senior citizen off all those drugs, there’s a good chance that her taste buds will reinvent themselves and flavour will become a delight

Grateful for:

  • knowing how to use Markbook so that I could pinch hit on a very busy day
  • red hat boy….we are still working on him and are starting to make itsy bitsy steps of progress
  • Laura getting her bday package

Curious about:

  • why Benji ate all the biscottis!!
  • how I will reconcile the ravages of junk food and local good food into one plog entry…I know, I know, there is a huge inconsistency in this episode in that Cinnabon and the Kingsolver book are just pixels apart on the page

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