Posted by: bwoof | November 8, 2009


Some days are way too full of learning, and today is one of them. And I love it!

walkonA long time ago I started paying attention to U2, just like a whole lot of other people. Jonny was able to go the recent Vancouver concert and reported that it was incredible and that I should watch the YouTube version of a similar concert held in the Rose Bowl. Two+ hours later and it was worth the investment of time. Good advice, Jonny!

U2 has a really interesting spiritual background and it’s worth learning about. Wes has been reading a book (Walk On) about it and when he’s done I shall wrestle it for my night table instead of his. 🙂

As a recent Toronto Star article notes, “The lasting legacy of U2 is that the music speaks to a higher ideal.”

I find that very interesting, especially in a world where not that many people really want to admit that there is a spiritual side to life.

getoveryourselfAnd speaking of that, Bruxey Cavey started a new series at the Meeting House today. It’s worth a listen…seriously!

I’m learning a lot and invite anyone who wants to track with this series and discuss it to let me know and we’ll set up a coffee chat.

Grateful for:

  • internet-available concerts and sermons
  • Erin Gruwell and her hope for students
  • a wonderful volunteer at our school
  • a beautiful country drive today and that lovely spaghetti fund-raiser lunch i Simcoe

Curious about:

  • how…oh how oh how…can we reach out to C and S and others who may by now be so disenfranchised that we won’t see them back
  • how Rogers bills people when they are out of the country…what do roaming charges look like all the way from Africa?

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