Posted by: bwoof | November 6, 2009

Mixed Company Theatre

Today I learned (again!) the power of drama.

A troupe called Mixed Company came to school today and presented a two-act drama about bullying. It was very well done and I have to say that I’m proud of our students who participated well, tracked with the ideas, and showed their appreciation appropriately.

mixedcompanyI learned (again) that bullying has many forms and requires just as many practical strategies for combatting the poison. The best strategies seem to include group alliances vs the bullying and the bullies. Easier said than done, but still a hopeful thing to try. It’s nice to see that the company provided teacher resources and lots of curriculum connections.

Grateful for:

  • the opportunity to take a student to Gateway and have it look like a real possibility for learning
  • reconnect with Tetraplex

Curious about:

  • weather in Burkina Faso



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