Posted by: bwoof | November 4, 2009

e, i, and pi

Today our wonderful math coach came to school and continued to work with our equally wonderful math teachers. All of them, it seems, are eagerly learning new things and I am really looking forward to experiencing some of their lessons. I’m not a mathie, but really do love math and science froma layperson’s point of view.

After school I had a chance to spend more time with our coach and she enlightened me about some of the finer but more obsure mathematical concepts.

So…when I say I learned some new math things today you’ll have to remember that these are big ideas for an artsy person like me.

First, there’s pi which I already knew about. It’s a sort of magic number that some crazy folks like to imagine to umpteenth decimals. So far, as much as I know, no one has yet found a repeating cycle in that number. I’m not sure it matters, but don’t tell my math department that. 🙂

Then there’s e.  Yes…e!  I shall not pretend to understand what it means, but will say that I at least now know that it exists. Here is a screen capture of the wikipedia explanation.


And finally, there’s i, yes…i! This stands for an imaginary number, particularly the square root of -1.  That’s not a perfect explanation, but then how does one explain something that is only imaginary? You either believe in it or you don’t.

Well, all of this to say that Math is in our news today and I also learned that financial math is apparently a new key to student success. I’m sure it will be a lot more practical than e or i or pi, but it will be interesting to see what the math purists have to say about this.

Grateful for:

  • our math coach!!
  • our police liaison officers
  • our woodworking shop where kids have a chance to try hands-on learning

Curious about:

  • how the financial math curriculum will spin out to schools and will there be an ‘audience’ with kids? Will it actually help?
  • Gateway and some students I know
  • is ‘financial math’ really the path to a stronger economy as some have suggested.



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