Posted by: bwoof | November 3, 2009

LeBrun James and his new book

Travelling back from Waterford and my “Dine and Discuss” night was a great time to catch up on news from the day, especially the replay of today’s CBC morning show.

lebrunjamesbookNews flash to me, but probably not to most others, is that LeBron James, phenom basketball player, has written a book (with a writer-helper of course) which details the committment he and a small group of friends had during their high school playing days. The five of them determined to stay together no matter what…and they did. The book seems like it might be a good read and I just might have to get a copy for my office shelf at school. It’s common for boys to sit in there and any time I can have some interesting things to look at it’s a good thing.

FridayNightLightsThe CBC interview included comparative references to Friday Night Lights, not just the TV show, but the actual book which is apparently a hit with boys. So, in one brief drive home I learned about two potentially great reads for boys….and I know all too well how difficult it is for some kids to engage in reading of any sort. I shall have to ‘invest’ and stock my shelves.

Grateful for:

  • CBC!!!
  • guys with badges and uniforms and great questioning skills during challenging times
  • Grace Haven and hope for a young mom
  • Claire, MEW and Catherine
  • sisters who look out for each other, even during H1N1

Curious about:

  • the two books mentioned above

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