Posted by: bwoof | November 2, 2009


A school register is basically a protocol by which we register students and eventually get grant money from the Ministry of Education so that we can do business.

I’ve long known that there is something called a day register, and an eLearning register, and a Continuing Education register.

But what I didn’t know until today is that there are several other registers, some of which might be helpful in offering innovative programing for the students at my school. For example, there are registers that would permit homework clubs, and after school literacy programs, and other alternatives for students.

And…we really need those options, and more! 

Grateful for:

  • our three kids and one son-in-law, all of whom are incredibly interesting people!
  • Karen “bath lady” who comes 2x a week and provides wonderful care for grandma
  • CCAC and the people there who help us provide care at home for a senior

Curious about:

  • why, oh why oh why, do some teens fight? why is the ‘tribe’ so strong? why can’t people just stay cool even when ‘he looked at me’  or ‘I heard what she said.”

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