Posted by: bwoof | November 1, 2009

Teacher’s College apps

Today I worked a bit with a dear younger friend who is probably going to apply to teachers college for 2010-11.  It was a bit of deja vu since last year one of our own kids was doing the same dance.

I learned that it’s still a bit of a money grab. Each university goes through OUAC and then, most of them have an additional ‘supplementary’ application fee. All said and done, applying to 3-5 schools can cost a cool $800+ . Ouch! 

One university goes only on marks!  Not a great plan, in my humble opinion, because great marks only means that one has great marks. It does not necessarily translate into great teacher qualities.

Many of the schools do look at experience and related teaching-like activities. In this case, the individual I talked with today should have a slam dunk opportunity to get into at least one school. She’s awesome and has a wealth of really informative experiences at summer camps, schools, travel situations, and even a local shelter for young teen moms.

Grateful for:

  • another text from Burkina Faso
  • an extra hour today!
  • Marilyn and Steve — happy engagement!

Curious about:

  • ministry student success funding and what it can be spent on
  • Annette’s family…I felt sadder today than any other day and wonder how her hubby and kids are now that everyone has gone back to their homes



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