Posted by: bwoof | October 31, 2009

Blackberry Africa

I should have noted that I’m curious about how a Blackberry could/would work all the way from Africa. Now I know!

A text arrived late today indicating that the team has arrived and that all is well. Somehow the blackberry is getting connected to the network and can send messages. It can also receive emails over there and I’ve had to turn off the forwarding function on Wes’ gmail account as he says it will cost a lot of unnecessary money to get mail there on the fly.

I’ve been around technology a lot…but confess to a wow and wonder factor that might never go away.

Grateful for:

  • bigbashShelley and the Big Bash at which I volunteered tonight
  • Caretaker Al and all his hard work cleaning up after the Big Bash
  • the many volunteers who made the event a big success
  • RIM and the Blackberry network even though I really don’t know how it works

Curious about:

  • how does dry cleaning work, especially on the four silk blouses I took to the shop today
  • how much will it cost?
  • Is dry cleaning safe? Environmentally friendly? What options are there?

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