Posted by: bwoof | October 28, 2009

For Whom the Bell Tolls…

It’s a beautiful fall day in Antigonish, just the kind of day Annette and I would have spent in deep piles of leaves, playing, laughing, jumping, hiding.

The colours are vivid, the breeze is light, and the sun brilliant.

stfxlandscapeAnnette’s memorial service was incredibly beautiful and I learned that:

~ the bell began tolling at 10:45 a.m. and poignantly, slowly, somberly rang until 11 a.m. when Annette’s family began entering the chapel. There was no music, just the lone gong, haunting, sad, but surprisingly beautiful, and heard all over campus and into town

~St. FX faculty know how to honour their own. Fully 100+ of them came to the service in all their academia regalia. Colours of every sort adorned their black robes. Silently they came in together and lined both sides of the beautiful chapel’s aisle. What a tribute! One professor confessed later that more of them came today than come to commencement ceremonies. Further, they represented the arts and sciences and everyone in between. Annette made many friends and they were all here. I also learned that not all universities do this…but it’s a St FX tradition. Impressive.

~ I took a three-hour drive around Cape George and discovered lighthouses and an astonishing number of little white churches, all Catholic and most with a decidedly Scottish flavour. Clearly, there’s a lot that the history books don’t tell us, or maybe I just never paid attention before


P1000171~ Fishing season is apparently over and it’s customary to dry-dock one’s fishing vessel in the front yard. Some folks park their RVs, but here you park your boat. I also saw a few fishing wharfs and little inlets which seemed to be mini-harbours for small craft fishing enterprises, but it’s all quiet here and there are very few people around. I think I saw more churches in three hours than I saw fellow travellers

~ lighthouses still exist, but only as memory-generators. The lights are out now that GPS devices are in.capegergemap

Grateful for:

  • ceremony and liturgy
  • art and symbol – the Universtiy Chapel is exquistely transcendent in its design and decor
  • an “Annette” kind of day, the kind of day where you just want to jump in the leaves and celebrate the joy of life
  • sea and shore, waves and wind

Curious about:

  • what do people do here to earn a living?


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  2. i love you mom.
    just so you know

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