Posted by: bwoof | October 27, 2009

40 000 ft above Nova Scotia

Today I learned that:

~ Nova Scotia has a lot more clear cut logging than I’d ever imagined…you can see all of this when you’re up high

~ Nova Scotia has many many lakes, islands, inlets, rock formations, not unlike what the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario seems to feature. A regular map doesn’t show these features and I never learned this part in Geography class

~ Nova Scotia has a lot of remote areas!

~ Antigonish is a gem! It’s sort of in the middle of nowhere and then you get here and there’s an absolutely thriving university town feel. St. Francis Xavier University is the heartbeat of the community in addition to rivers, Scottish/Catholic charm, and a very generous dose of down-East hospitality.

~ Bread pudding is a favourite of the locals. They ‘all’ say that I must go to the Maritime Inn (I just happen to be staying there) where they serve it up with maple syrup and some sort of sticky frosting. I’ll write more once I get some of this classic favourite.

Grateful for:

  • WestJet and the Hamilton airport. I know…I’ve mentioned them before, but it truly is a great combo
  • rental cars – I have a sporty little Mazda that makes driving fun today
  • GPS devices that work even in new places

Curious about:

  • my school and my colleagues and the possibility of H1N1 increasing
  • Dan and family as they plan for tomorrow’s service for Annette

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