Posted by: bwoof | October 24, 2009


It might be boring to many but when you are in the middle of getting new windows installed, small things like caulking make a big difference. I played ‘errand girl’ today and had to make a Home Depot run to fetch more tubes of some sort of gunk. It’s a type of caulking, among many (!!!!) that one can find on the shelves at HD. I had no idea there could be so many kinds of caulking!

Further, I had to learn about deck screws. Who knew that they come in various colours such as cedar, greenish (for pressure treated lumber applications) and a shiny gold? They also come in a variety of sizes and can sometimes also be called construction screws. Regardless, I went on a hunt and found some, but not the exact kind that the Wes and Bruce team wanted.

It seems that the 8 x 3 1/2 ” size is popular. None were available, but lots of other sizes were there in abundance, but I didn’t need those. Murphy’s law was working well today!

Grateful for:

  • people like W and B who know how to do practical construction projects
  • people like Bill and his family in Antigonish who are opening up their home to many people travelling to Annette’s funeral

Curious about:

  • H1N1 and how it will affect my school and the district
  • the Greenwood project…what to do about it, will the roof work, and will it be a liveable space anytime soon?

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