Posted by: bwoof | October 23, 2009


I may or may not learn anything today tonight. It was only a few hours ago that I wrote yesterday’s entry and I said I was curious about palliative care and my dear friend. In restrospect it sounds rather flippant.

Little did I know…

She was gone before I even wrote those words. At 6:50 a.m. in Nova Scotia, in peaceful quiet, she left. She left her family (husband and two kids), her profession as a professor at a fine university, her academic life of writing and publishing, her riverside home, her yellow lab, and her host of memories, many of which I share like a sister.

I’ve learned that I can be shocked by the brevity of life, even though I have intellectual knowledge of such matters.

I’ve learned that cancer is not a statistic.

I’ve learned that I don’t even know how to act, or think, or feel.

Grateful for:

  • Annette and all those years playing, hiking, hiding, and camping out on ‘the hill’
  • WestJet and the Hamilton airport which allow me the opportunity to attend her memorial service

Curious about:

  • not much right now

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