Posted by: bwoof | October 22, 2009

The Red Hat

redhatladiesToday I learned the power of the red hat, no not ‘that’ red hat as in the ladies who wear purple dresses and red hats. No, this hat belongs to a teen who loves the hat…more than just about anything.

When the teen did some disrespectful things today (again!) I tried my hardest to find something that would get his attention and make him behave. Silly me…I’m thinking like an adult–and he’s a teen.

I considered the usual legal things…scolding, detention, suspension…and then some not so legal things…the strap, tar and feathering, neon signs decrying his blatant disregard for school rules.

Alas…all of those ideas and more are lamefully (new word that I just now invented) inept.

redballcapBut, that hat….that very special hat!

It’s that kind of collateral that he cares about. So I tried something.  Respect or the hat. Take your pick. The choice is yours. I will not tell you what to do, but I invite you to make a good decision. The struggle was on. He opted to leave for lunch but he came back later in the day with a parent, and a plan, and maybe, just maybe a wee bit of a flicker of hope that tomorrow will be better.

And the hat came too!  And it will get a detention in the vault if things don’t get better.

Grateful for:

  • our math teachers and their eagerness to learn today. Wow!
  • our HR Dept who went the distance in helping us hire a competent teacher
  • our office staff who went over and above the call of duty in making Parent Night a success

Curious about:

  • the red hat boy’s math test tomorrow…and will all his studying tonight help him be successful?
  • palliative care and my dear dear friend

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