Posted by: bwoof | October 21, 2009

Anchor Charts and Exemplars

Today I learned that I know very little.  But I do know how to ask questions and take risks.

warplanemuseumAt our principals/VPs afternoon workshops (held at the Canadian Warplane Museum today) I attended a session about what to look for in effective classrooms. The presenter, an experienced principal colleague of mine,  talked about looking for anchor charts and exemplars, both of which are used to help assess student achievement.  Secretly I began to realize that I didn’t know there was a difference between the two.

I asked a few questions, carefully phrased so as not to reveal my abject lack of professional knowledge about something that I really should know, and learned that our program consultants can help. Great!  So, I emailed one of my favourite mavens and hopefully will hear back with some good info, maybe even some on-site help for our staff.

In the meantime I’m googling researching and note that there’s lots of info, including scoring sheets and anchor papers from EQAO.  

Grateful for:

  • my colleagues who planned our PD afternoon…I know it’s a lot of work and I very much appreciate the effort
  • the district-wide student senate leaders and teacher advisors who so warmly greeted me today and invited me to present two sessions. Great kids!
  • new windows for the house

Curious about:

  • needing to learn more about exemplars and anchor charts…and what will my maven have to say?
  • parent/teacher night tomorrow. Who will come? We will make a difference in student achievement?
  • Lindley farms and how they made the corn maze that (from the sky) celebrates the Avro Lancaster plane that I saw today in the hangar and often see flying over my house. Also, my car mechanic is the guy who keeps this treasure flying. Amazing!



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