Posted by: bwoof | October 18, 2009

Digital cameras

Today we went shopping for a small, robust, easy-to-use, but good quality digital camera. Wes leaves for Burkina Faso shortly and he wants a camera to document his travels and the work he’ll do there.

So, today I learned the pros and cons of various cameras and we settled on this one, a Canon

Why, you ask? Well, it’s small, uses a fairly standard memory card, has rechargeable batteries, requires miminal fuss for basic point and shoot photos, has a nice large screen on the back and a viewfinder, and bears the Canon name which we’ve come to trust. And it’s a mid-range price, not too cheap, but not top of the line.

I know that some folks will be naysayers on this model, but from what we learned today (the online reviews are favourable), it’s good value for the buck, and will easily fit into Wes’ pocket as he’s lugging cement blocks for the wall he’ll build around the Village of Hope.

Grateful for:

  • M Pawelke and today’s message re pride and humility
  • Lorel and the chance to catch up with her again
  • A beautiful fall day
  • Our kids and the fact that each of them is in a good place, personally, academically, and socially

Curious about:

  • Annette and her future
  • Jonny and his continued reactive arthritis
  • the student senate retreat this Wednesday and what I shall say to this emerging group of young leaders

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