Posted by: bwoof | October 15, 2009

More mean girl drama

I originally said that I wanted to learn one NEW thing each day. However, for Oct 15th I simply want to remember that what I said yesterday is true, still true more than ever. And despite a really great restorative circle today, I’m not sure that the tension is gone.

Unlike ‘widget-making’ in factories, ‘character-building’ in schools is a lot more intense, time-consuming, and exhausting….but good.

Grateful for:

  • a couple of teachers who came by to encourage
  • two sets of parents who demonstrated that they care for their students
  • nurses and the epi-pen talk which reminded me that I’m glad I don’t have allergies

Curious about:

  • will the tension go away and will even one student have the courage to buck the trend and not gossip or ‘add a log to the fire’
  • do I have an Erin Gruwell and will she make a difference?

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